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Cellene Hoogenkamp is global personal advisor to CEOs on world-class team performance. For over 30 years, she’s been in the trenches of business with senior executives and entrepreneurs, both crafting successes and learning what it takes to succeed at the highest levels.

Cellene’s international journey started in her late teens when the Dutch-born student was invited to move to Australia. It was at University where she first started to understand the importance and effects of culture, how birds of a same flock tend to gather together and how psychological and emotional factors figure prominently in the professional dynamic of all executives.

Cellene has made it her mission to help CEOs and those on track for such positions take back their personal power, keep their health and stop suffering from overwhelm and shortage of talent.

Our company grew rapidly through a number of international mergers and acquisitions. As a result, the senior leadership team of our new group comprised executives of several nationalities and different corporate backgrounds. Each highly professional and successful in his/her own right, they tended to work in silos and concentrated on succeeding in their own areas, but resisted coming together and working as a team on making the overall group successful. Cellene worked with me and my team to help resolve cultural differences and evolve a new “group” way of thinking in the team. We had to make one or two changes but the resulting team is I believe one of the strongest and most effective in the industry today.

CEO, International Logistics Company

As we are a global agency with offices in Australia, Asia, the Middle East and UK, the nature of most of our team’s work is virtual. Through Cellene’s working with these teams, their teamwork has become more collaborative and aligned on common goals, creating better outcomes for the Group whilst having more fun together. Cellene’s extensive cultural and executive experience have been valuable in her work with us. 

I’d recommend her wholeheartedly.

Founder & Chairman of a Global Executive Search & Recruitment Firm

Cellene is an exceptional Executive Coach and comes highly recommended by our company. She worked with our high potential team and developed them into better leaders. Cellene’s  ability to identify issues and in turn, provide concise and clear methodologies that were easily implemented was invaluable. The quantitative results were noticeable immediately in our business performance.   I would not hesitate in recommending Cellene as an executive coach and trusted thought partner.


Founder & CEO  Australasia’s largest talent booking Agency

Through Cellene’s work with one of my senior team members, I have seen this executive shift from being a high expert singular operator to broadening her awareness and becoming a much more inclusive & positive team player.  Her improved people skills have enabled her to progress her professional career.

Having had this executive work with Cellene is already having a good influence on my whole team.    It was an excellent business decision!  

 I look forward to working with Cellene again in the future and would be pleased to make a recommendation to any of her new or potential clients.

Chief Communications Officer, Global Drinks Company

“In moving into a new CEO role with a business in need of restructuring I worked with Cellene to develop strategies designed to repurpose, realign and reinvigorate an experienced team who were used to doing things a particular way.  Cellene provided great support in making the difficult decisions needed to set course for a new leadership team that has transformed the results of the company.  Looking forward to working with Cellene on building on the success and setting a course for the future.”

CEO, Aviation Finance Company

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