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Clarity is a key quality in today’s volatile world. I say this with 100% conviction as I have

practiced and experienced it many times in my life, at work, in my relationships and with my kids

at home. When I practice Clarity, I know I am getting closer when I feel I am tapping into my

inner strength and a sense of inner peace is coming over me. That’s when I know I have it! It

allows me to speak with a greater sense of conviction and purpose, feeling more confident

about what lies ahead of me, being able to write my new future story.

Just think back to a moment or time when you felt particularly good and strong about

something? You had clarity and felt confident, courageous, didn’t you? Did you feel stressed?

More than likely not. Your confidence level is directly related to your level of stress.

Do you notice that when you are reading the words Confidence, Conviction, Clarity - they

almost form a magic circle? It doesn’t matter which way you jumble them up, they are all

connected and interrelated. For example: “I feel confident that I have clarity on this issue and I

can present to tomorrow’s meeting with conviction”; or: “Now I have conviction on this issue, I

feel confident that I can speak with clarity on the topic”.

It has been said that for a new habit to become second nature, you have to rewire your neural

network - this can take anywhere between two and eight months*. When you practice with these

words diligently, you’ll be making more and more neural connections to form a strong neural

pathway - a new habit!

Here are some ways you can practice:

• Make it your daily mantra

• Repeat it on your walk or your daily commute

• Repeat it during your yoga practice or gym work out

• Reflect on it over a cup of tea or quiet time

• Permeate it through your body while taking deep breaths in and out

Have fun with the three words, play with the mantra, make time for reflection, see what you see,

feel what you feel, practice speaking about it and listening for it and you will be well on your way

to making Clarity, Conviction, Confidence your second nature.

*Phillipa Lalley et al, European Journal of Social Psychology 2009

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