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GlobalLeadership Talks 1.2 How Do We Manage, Measure, and Motivate While Socially Distanced?

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Welcome to episode two of GlobalLeadership Talks! This second episode of series 1 continues our conversation with HR experts Nicole Barrow of DHL, Kathleen Procario of Bacardi, and Kathleen Halligan of People Performance as they discuss the evolution of the workplace during a pandemic - with today's focus on Managing, Motivating, and Measuring performance in a socially distanced or remote workplace.


  • Performance measurements systems: Key is through a more frequent dialogue to adjust people’s commitments and goals, e.g. weekly team conversations with goal adjustments – keep it flexible.

  • Motivating: performance goals & measurements are created by the individual and become part of their performance profile – not a top down approach. This ensures ownership, accountability, and clarity in conversations with their managers.

  • Managing the performance of your team: ask “How would I like to be managed?” Become more deliberate about your conversations. Listen to the cues of employees: “How can we work together better?” and, “What level of support do I need to provide?”

  • Measurements: it's about managing the outcome. Trust your people to make decisions and be prepared to be delighted by the outcome. Press the “Pause” button if editing is needed.

  • Stress: often caused by the fear of the unknown. Being addressed by managers with more empathy, more flexibility, supportive of new working conditions – we are seeing an increase in the EQ coefficient.

  • Connecting is paramount: have multiple touch points to communicate messages, formally and informally. Town halls were found to be effective – don’t assume people know.

  • Strategic decision making – needs to be swift – a more dynamic environment supports this, versus hierarchical structure. Gather decision makers around the table. Trust & Empower. Cultivate & share best practice – enable freedom within a framework.

  • Global and Regional approaches – key is freedom within a giving framework and being empowered to act.

  • Preventing burn-out: improving Wellness offers to support the employees – e.g. Virtual Yoga and meditation classes.

Advice from the Panel:

  • Stay connected to customers & employees with more diligence and a personal touch - Trust and empower.

  • Transparency throughout all communications, with honesty and humility.

  • Put on your own oxygen mask first: Ask yourself, “How do I want to be managed?”

  • Will we see a decline in old hierarchical structures into more partnership approaches enabling the motivation to work faster and with more transparency?

Stay tuned for Episode 3 - How do we help people Thrive in this environment?

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