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GlobalLeadership Talks 1.3 How Do We Help the Individual to Thrive?

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

In the final episode of our Human Resources series, Kathleen Procario (Bacardi), Kathleen Halligan (People Performance), and Nicole Barrow (DHL) join Cellene Hoogenkamp and co-host Jordan Goldrich as they discuss how they are ensuring their teams are THRIVING and not just surviving in this socially distanced workplace.

Be sure to check out the first two episodes and stay tuned for our next series!


  • Surviving observed as: going through the motions, withdrawn, low energies, Zoom camera not on

  • Thriving: more energetic, pro-active, engaged, actively checking in.

  • Linked to personalities and styles: people who where surviving in office are now thriving in virtual world and v.v. not linked to being extro- or introverted.

  • People go through peaks & valleys – environmental & social, family issues at play

  • Ways of managing:

  1. When a person reaches out: is a call for help – manager conversations of inquiry and how can they help.

  2. EAP: employee assistance programs provide easy access

  3. More employees are asking for EAP or manager’s help, looking for connection

  4. GDPR regulations – are not a restriction to allow for humane conversations and connection

  5. Demystify the mental health language – provide an organizational tool kit (podcasts)

  6. Mindfulness programs at work

  7. Weekly dialogue with employees: “what is in your way? what do you feel good about this week? tell me more?”

    • Mental well-being now more important for people than ever – concerns: isolation, anxiety, distractions at home, missing travel for their work, etc.

    • WFH is different now compared to pre-covid virtual working. Now it is often not by choice but a forced situation with masks, increasing distractions at home.

    • Be your own daily energy barometer – Self-check in for re-charging. “Am I surviving or am I thriving? What can I do right now that will make a difference? How can I keep my balance?

Panelist advice:

  • Take a reflection of yourself – what makes me thrive? What do I need?

  • Be your own energy barometer and ask what you need to balance

  • De-mystify the mental health language

  • Connection to self, employees, make a concerted effort to reach out, especially to the introverted.

  • Increased awareness and leadership agility (No.1 in talent searches)

  • Make incremental changes – try if you can “tweak” 10% of your everyday responses


  • HBR: What it takes to run a great virtual meeting, March 2020

  • Gartner research HR concerns on mental health

  • Taming your Gremlin; add more joy to your life with the practice of taming your inner critic - by Rick Carson 2008

  • CALM: The No.1 app for meditation & sleep

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